My Liquid Fish™ MASTERY Certification Course

Earn a Certificate of Mastery showing you have learned the advanced instruction and best practices for clearing and healing with My Liquid Fish™Change Made Simple™ 

This Goes Deeper Into Your Training Than Ever Before

This online course is for anyone who is familiar with OR new to "fishing" and is ready to dive into the deep end and get results that are beyond the ordinary!

All Members Begin with Level 1 Mastery Certification

You'll be trained in all aspects of Jimmy Mack's fishing technique given to him by Spirit during his NDE.  You'll earn a My Liquid Fish™ Change Made Simple™ Certificate of Mastery directly from Jimmy Mack, giving you an in depth foundation for your own self-healing and clearing practice as well as healing others!

The Level I Certificate of Mastery is being offered for personal use for non-practitioners and is required to pass before you can upgrade to the Level 2 Practitioner Certification.

It includes Jimmy's two essential fishing and dowsing training ebooks plus audio and video instruction on how and when to use the fish to create profound healing and change - PLUS - the most advanced explanation of the actual divine fish technology that Jimmy has EVER recorded!  You will definitely "get it" by the time you finish the course.

Featured Course Curriculum:

Fishing Basics Review

If you have not yet gone through the content in the MLF Basic Training Course, please be sure to review that material PRIOR to beginning this Mastery Training or as a refresher.

 Approx. 2.5 hours

Your Fishing Tackle Box

Here you will find two instructional ebooks that will explain fishing to you in simple terms and within minutes you should be able to practice and play with the symbol and try it out on every conceivable type of person, place, thing, situation, pet, disease, disorder, phobia, fear, financial issue, weight issue, sexual hang up and most anything else you can come up with.

Approx. 90 minutes

Pendulums and Muscle Testing

The Dowser's Handbook will serve as a reference and will allow you the opportunity to practice changing outcomes. It can help build a foundation upon which you can develop even greater skill sets than mere dowsing.

Approx. 90 minutes

Observation and Integration

We have gathered some of the most valuable resources available (podcasts, interviews, recorded live phone and in person sessions) for you to listen, watch and observe exactly how Jimmy works with clients and navigates his fishing sessions. There's no better way for you to learn than to watch and hear Jimmy do his "magic" and see, hear and feel the results for yourself.

Approx. 2.5 hours

Turning On and Off Switches

Learn when and why to use Switches when fishing for larger concepts dealing with deeper, negative, ancestral family patterns and trends. Includes a video explaining the difference between Switches and Fishing.

Approx. 60 minutes

MyBeliefWorks Clearing Audios

Clearing Dark Energies, Fears & Negativity

Increasing Your Psychic Intuition (Magic 8Ball)

These specially selected MyBeliefWorks™ audios are also included to help clear, strengthen and prepare your energy field for optimal fishing results.

Approx. 60 minutes


One-on-One Testing Session with Jimmy 

At the end of the course material, which you can do completely at your own pace, you'll select a date & time from Jimmy's online calendar to complete the private instruction and testing in order for you to earn your Level I Certificate of Mastery. After you pass the final test, you will be presented with a printable My Liquid Fish™ Change Made Simple™ Level I Certificate of Mastery to display when you are done.

10% Shop Discount 

You'll get a code for a special one-time 10% discount where you can select an unlimited number of items from the full catalog of Digital Ebooks and MyBeliefworks Audios in the Jimmy Mack Healing Shop.

The raves are pouring in... 

"It was a great course. Interesting and informative. The instruction was clear and came at the concept of my liquid fish and the “how to” from many different angles. Covered a wide spectrum of different issues with helpful videos, books and the bonus MP3 at the end was an awesome surprise. I feel equipped to fish on any challenge I may have. I will most likely keep cycling through the course to keep my practice fresh and for inspiration. Thank you for creating this to empower me and others!"

Kristi K. 


I find My Liquid Fish such a great tool. It's fun, interactive and easy. Like everything you can make it as complex as you wish - however, this allows you to 'speak your mind' and then release it - FISH IT. Fun enough that one lady I work with and I have developed the Fishing it dance!!!! Stand up and wiggle while you Fish. Laughter is the best medicine right!. I appreciate all that I have learned working with Jimmy and look forward to keep learning and doing. Thank you.

Dee Tollakson 


"I have discovered My Liquid Fish is a most useful and practical tool for me. So far I have cleared unwanted energies, brought in more higher positive energy and gratitude to help me. Also I have been able to help a friend with this tool! Amazing! I have found it fun doing both the practical and the theory. Later on around September / October I would like to take the Practitioner course. Thank you so much. Kind regards."

Jane Lloyd 

United Kingdom

"I have always really liked Jimmy as a healer for several reasons. 1. He has a great sense of humour and he always makes me laugh. 2. He is very down to earth and practical. His healing work and his products are real life. Oftentimes, healing work is so esoteric and out-there, but Jimmy is realistic and I appreciate that he is operating in the same world that I am living in. 3. My Liquid Fish is fast and easy -- I don't have to meditate for hours or do a bunch of stuff. I can just swipe my finger and carry on. I don't always muscle test, especially when I am grabbing stuff from heaven and bringing it to earth, so it is just so easy and convenient. I can fish during a run when something hurts; I can fish when I am talking to someone. I love fishing.

So when Jimmy finally offered the opportunity for the course, I was so excited. I really enjoyed the course -- I did the first two levels. It was easy, well-organized and fun. No regrets, and fishing makes me feel empowered to deal with my own garbage, and I am able to solve my own problems instead of having to run to a healer all the time. It was totally worth it...Thanks Jimmy!!!"

Amber Clark


"I am very excited about this modality. Mostly because, it really is easy and possible for everyone to use, and because it allows people to take charge of
their world themselves. I have studied a lot of modalities and love what My Liquid Fish offers. Using muscle testing rather than subjective scoring out of 10 allows "what we don't know" to be revealed. We don't know what wedon't know but our bodies do! My personal session with Jimmy has heralded
results in my body, my family relationships and my finances. Hooray! Further, watching the downloads, videos and personally fishing gives me a
sensation in my head that tells me there is change - and all I have to do is  wait to see what happens. I have had success with a rash, anxiety and my
business. I'm hooked!"

Heather Sheppard


"My Liquid Fish Certification program was an amazing journey and experience. It opens the door to three levels; physical, mental and spiritual, of healing, expansion and transformation!! Learning with Jimmy Mack is both fun, energizing and informative. He takes me to new realms of possibilities where transformation is instantaneous. I got relief from my back pain: which occurred after lifting some heavy boxes, instantly!! I know for certain that My Liquid Fish will be the tool everybody wants to use in the near future."

Pradeep Kumar


"Jimmy's My Liquid Fish Change Made Simple program is AMAZING!!! He gives you not only videos so you can see the changes within people, but also the books he's written as well! On top of that he's provided all the links and visuals you need so ANY type of learner can do it!! I appreciated having it to download in a PDF so I can go back to it any time, plus the books and ACTUAL healing sessions so you see, know and understand the whole process even better!! Highly recommend to ANYONE looking to change and make not only their life... but everyone's around them better as well!!"

Emily Jan


"I enrolled in your Certification Program the day you opened it for enrollment. The required topics and teaching were well organized and easy to complete. When I was unable to download one items, both you and your technical helper replied personally, and not only did she correct it quickly, but she stayed with it until she was reassured that the problem was solved, and she did so with grace and ease. Thank you for providing us with that type and quality of help and support. In addition, the Certification interview was pleasant and extremely helpful as you answered my personal questions connected to your expectations of those you certify. Thank you for putting together a format where those who need help can feel confident those you have Certified are able and willing to share the Healing Energy of the Creator to the best of our ability."

Sharon Doerr


"I am an endocrinologist who advises people for weight loss but was struggling with losing weight myself. I tried all weight loss medications but they caused me lots of side effects . I had no real will to lose weight until I enrolled in Jimmy Mack’s Certification Program and started to fish for weaknesses for me and my wife. I swear this was amazing and mind blowing. My interest in food decreased and I started to eat more healthy food choices and I dropped 10 pounds in 2 weeks . The same is true for my wife. I had also IBS problem that really improved after fishing around these symptoms. I am really thankful and grateful that I learned and used this method which I recommend to all desperate people with chronic disease, IBS or weight issues . In brief, any issue can be "fished" with this amazing method. Thank you Jimmy for teaching me this method."

Mahmoud T.


Are you ready to dive into the deep end and get results that are beyond the ordinary?

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My liquid fish mastery certification course

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Materials in this course include: "The Tackle Box" digital ebook, Kindle versions 
"Spiritual Healing Techniques" audiobook highlights 
"The Dowser's Handbook" digital ebook PDF 
Printable quick reference list of preparation, basic steps, word tracks for change and affirmation statements
Printable list of fishing do's and don'ts, list of topical influences to test and clear, plus a Switches vs Fishing handout
Instructional and informational videos with background on the origin of My Liquid Fish™, real-life session examples, and best practices
Receive BOTH "MyBeliefWorks™ for Increasing Your Psychic Intuition" MP3/PDF and "MyBeliefWorks™ for Releasing Dark Energies, Fears and Negativity"
Upon completion, you'll receive a printable My Liquid Fish™Change Made Simple™ Level I Certificate of Mastery


All Mastery members will receive one on one instructional/testing time directly with Jimmy (valued at $150)

Special one-time 10% discount on the full catalog of Ebooks and Audios in the Jimmy Mack Healing Shop.

Your Questions Answered

Does it last forever after I do this or experience fishing?

Much the same as your blood pressure, blood sugar and the weather, things are constantly in flux and a change motion and like a garden, there is a season for all times of the year. Sometimes, weeding, planting, watering, fertilizing, harvesting - you get the idea - so it is the same with fishing. And you’ll need to do it from time to time, but I have never seen anything deeper or FASTER than this method of change.

How long does it take to complete?

We estimate the audio, video and reading material to include about 8 hours of content. Most people go through the course and take the test within a month, but can be as fast as a week depending on how quickly you work through the pdfs, audios, videos, and testing. There is also over 40 hours of additional/optional reference material.

How do I get approved to move on and upgrade to Practitioner Level 2?

Level 2 is designed specifically for established healing practitioners who want to take their mastery of this technique to the next level and become certified to add it into their own healing practice as a Certified My Liquid Fish™ Change Made Simple™ Practitioner.

You will also be featured in the exclusive worldwide reference listing on the site. After completion of Mastery Level 1, you will have the opportunity to upgrade to Practitioner Level 2 for an additional one-time $396 payment.

Will I be able to download the audio and written files to my desktop and mobile device?

YES.  We are providing downloadable files for the featured audio recordings and PDFs within each individual lesson.

About Your Instructor

Jimmy Mack

Jimmy Mack is a renowned medical intuitive and spiritual life coach who has taken, completed and even mastered a variety of healing modalities. After a near death experience, he was divinely shown and then developed a simpler way to create healing and profound transformational changes faster now known as My Liquid Fish™ Change made simple™. He is the author of 9 books, over 30 energetic clearing and healing audio MP3’s on a variety of self-improvement topics, he offers a Mastery & Practitioner Certification Program and he hosted a weekly radio show called The Jimmy Mack Healing Show for over 5 years. Jimmy works worldwide with clients in person, on the phone and over Skype accessing energetic powers and co-creating changes that they can actually feel.

Healing Mind, Body, Spirit, People, Places, Things, Pets,

 and Situations

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