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Here you can access the My Liquid Fish™ Change made simple™ Free Basic Training Course, the Anchors Away Masterclass and Mastery and Practitioner Certification Courses for registered members.

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MLF Basic Training Course 

Get free access to this course which shows you how to work with the powerful, sacred, My Liquid Fish™ Change made simple™ symbol which was given to Jimmy by Spirit during a near death experience (NDE). It can access an interdimensional healing portal that you can actually see and feel the energetic shifts and create profound change on multiple levels in minutes!

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Anchors Away Masterclass


This brand new self-paced online Masterclass is based on Jimmy's 5 Anchors clearing work. We have created a very profound tool that any individual can use to actually sustain a clear and sovereign energetic field. Learn how to clear off the evil, dark energies for good! It will expand your worldview, diminish the negative, eliminate the aliens, anomalies, evil, the 5 Anchors and create a space for you to be in more allowance of all the best life has to offer.  

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Level 1- MLF Mastery Certification Course

Those who complete this course will earn a Certificate of My Liquid Fish™ Mastery. 

After you go through the course modules to learnthe advanced instruction and best practices for clearing and healing with My Liquid Fish™ Change made simple™, you'll then schedule a 15 minute one-on-one session with Jimmy for him to evaluate your knowledge and approve your certification.

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Level 2 - MLF Practitioner's Certification Course  

If you're a healing practitioner who wants to master this mystical, magical technique in order to add it into your own practice, then after you complete the Mastery Course, you have the opportunity to upgrade to the Practitioner's Level. 

This upgrade offer is only available to logged in Certified Level 1 Mastery students.

JIMMY MACK Healing Masterclasses

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